Transcend Photography was created by three friends who have been working together internationally in the photography and fashion industry for over 20 years. At Transcend Photography we love capturing the most memorable moments of peoples lives and helping them share their story through Great images. Whether it's telling the love story of your engagement so you can share this romantic adventure with family and friends, and capturing those special moments on your wedding day, or creating fantastic moments with family, pregnancy, babies and children, pets or your own portrait.

We bring the fashion world to you with our vast experience in all aspects of photography and production we have formed strong relationships with many industry leading fashion stylists, makeup and hair "stylists to the stars", who's talents have led them to work with iconic magazines and luxury brand campaigns. We can create your wedding story to be unique and memorable– from simple and easy to opulent and grand. Your Wedding, Your Wish!!

Our Team are dedicated in capturing all the loving emotions of family and friends, full of joy during your special day,  Transcending your precious moments into memories you will treasure forever.

Our logo The Flower Of Life

The Flower Of Life is a powerful sacred geometry ancient symbol that can be found in many cultures and religions from around the world.  This symbol has been known to have powerful healing benefits and assists in connecting to the higher self for a stronger self awareness revealing the oneness and interconnectedness of everything. 

Timon Wehrli
A highly established photographer originally from the UK, he began his photography career in Los Angeles in 1988, after graduating from London's prestigious Royal College of Art and Design.

In 1993, Timon's extensive travels brought him to Hong Kong where he began working as a reportage photographer. As Timon's reputation and repertoire grew, he set-up Red Dog Studio in 1995 where his work quickly matured, developed and evolved to include high profile advertising, celebrity, fashion, food and interiors.

Red Dog Studio is one of the leading and most sought after creative studios in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific Region. Under Timon's artistic direction and as chief photographer, the studio has amassed an impressive portfolio that includes high profile celebrity portraits: Brad Pitt, Enrique Iglesias, Arron Kwok, Shu Qi, Tony Leung, Daniel Wu, Zhao Wei, Coco Lee, Maggie Q, Sandy Lam, Shawn Yue Man-Lok;  blue chip and high-end fashion advertising campaigns: Levis, Reebok, Channel, Coach, Ferregamo, Marc Jacobs, Panadol, Cathay Pacific, Fornarina, Mastercard, Philips.

Jocelyn Sandstrom
Hailing from the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii. At the very young age of 16 she jumped on a Jet and headed out to Tokyo for a modelling contract that began her fascinating 20 year career in the entertainment industry as a TV host, MC, Actor and International model. With a vast knowledge and experience in front of the camera working with multinational clients in over 12 countries globally, she also gained strong experience creating and producing photo and TV projects. Her passion for photography and romance coupled with years of behind the scenes experience of over a thousand photo shoots is what fuels her wedding photography.

Jocelyn is also an certified energy practitioner & teacher, who loves working with people to help them balance their body, mind and soul so they can reach their infinite potential. Commonly lending her time and support to environment charity issues, she also co-foundeded alongside Anthony, the Moonlight Foundation for Nepal children's education school charity, providing education for underprivileged children.

Anthony Sandstrom
A curiosity for travel and adventure early in life, led Anthony to the exotic lands of Thailand while pursuing his professional motocross endeavors. It was during these travels where he began his love for photography.  Fate soon found him in front of the camera, which spawned into an illustrious career as an Actor, TV host, MC, DJ, and International model, featured in a Worldwide Ermenegildo Zegna campaign, along with landing numerous TV Host shows. With a hands on approach to all aspects of photography and TV productions, while collaborating with the top luxury brands, he is well adapted to working with diverse multinational clients from around the World.

The marriage between Anthony and his lovely wife has been such a blessing that together they have been featured on dozen's of 'Wedding' themed photo projects, and interestingly have actually been officially married three times during various photo projects. With Anthony's vast experience in front and behind the camera, he helps to create a very comforting environment for all of his clients.

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